PLA Pellets


PLA Pellets

Ingeo Biopolymer 3D850

Polylactic Acid – PLA

3D Printing Monofilament – High Heat Grade

Ingeo™ is biopolymer (PLA – polylactic acid) made from dextrose (sugar) that is derived from field corn


Monofilament Applications

Ingeo™ 3D850 is a grade developed for manufacturing 3D printer monofilament. This grade exhibits faster crystallization rates and is able to develop improved heat-resistance in 3D printed parts. This low color resin grade demonstrates the best performance in formulated systems designed to enhance toughness or heat-resistance. Monofilaments made with Ingeo 3D850 have excellent 3D printing characteristics such as precise detail, good adhesion to build plates, less warping or curling, and low odor.


1kg is approximately 1200ml or 2.3 pints. Please see pictures.

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Processing Information

Ingeo 3D850 polymer is available in pellet form. This grade can be used in crystalline engineered formulations where nucleants, modifiers, process aids, reinforcing agents, etc. are used to meet the requirements of the application. Drying prior to processing is essential. The polymer is stable in the molten state, provided that the extrusion and drying procedures are followed. Post-annealing in the range of 176-266°F (80-130°C) can be used to promote crystallization and improve the heat deflection temperature of the 3D printed part.

Machine Configuration Ingeo polymers will process on conventional extruders using general purpose screws with L/D ratios from 24:1 to 30:1 and compression ratio of 2.5:1 to 3:1. Smooth barrels are recommended. Optimization to your specific equipment may require NatureWorks technical support.


Process Details

Startup and Shutdown Ingeo 3D850 is not compatible with a wide variety of resins, and special purging sequences should be followed: 1. Clean extruder and bring temperatures to steady state with low-viscosity, general-purpose polystyrene or high MFR polypropylene. 2. Vacuum out hopper system to avoid contamination. 3. Introduce Ingeo polymer into the extruder at the operating conditions used in Step 1. 4. Once Ingeo polymer has purged, reduce barrel temperatures to desired set points. 5. At shutdown, purge machine with high-viscosity polystyrene or polypropylene.

Drying In-line drying is required. A moisture content of less than 0.025% (250ppm) is recommended to prevent viscosity degradation. Typical drying conditions are 4 hours at 175ºF (80°C) or to a dew point of -30°F (-35°C), with an airflow rate greater than 0.5 cfm/lb. of resin throughput. The resin should not be exposed to atmospheric conditions after drying. Keep the package sealed until ready to use and promptly reseal any unused material.


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